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 Efficient customer service is a key Focus to all Staff of JUNIPER SOLUTIONS LTD. From the point of installation, our team of marketers and engineers, are enabled to manage, monitor & advice our clientele with 1st level technical support. We go the extra mile and strive to improve on our customer service standards the more

Technical Support

Tel: +234 809-394-9620, 809-394-4919, 809-394-49631, 809-393-1133, 809-393-1118
Email: technicalsupport@junisat.com

Our Technical Support Department is open 24/7


Sales & Customer Care Team

Tel: +234 803-410-6490
Email: africansales@junisat.com

Tel: +234 803-410-6490, 809-394-9630, 809-394-9631, 809-394-9639
Email: customercare@junisat.com

Our Customer Service Department is open Monday – Friday and our working hours are between 8am – 6pm.


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