KA Band
KA Band Services in Nigeria

YahClick is the ground breaking KA Band service from Middle East Telecommunications specialists YahSat. YahClick delivers a fast, cost effective, and reliable satellite broadband solution, catering to the needs of business and home consumers in the Middle East, Africa and South West Asia.

As YahSat’s International Service Partner, Bentley Walker and JSL bring their experience as leading satellite ISP’s to deliver the YahClick satellite broadband service to 23 counties in the Middle-East and Africa. Together, Bentley Walker and JSL are filling a need for broadband internet in regions with limited access to quality wired broadband services.

Utilising the Y1B satellite, YahClick is the first satellite service in the region to offer Internet connectivity through Ka-band multi-spot beams. This ensures delivery of greater efficiency on the ground – even in locations that experience heavy rainfall. The technology will auto adjust and boost the power needed to maintain a link.

Key Features
  • Utilises Ka-band multi-spot beams
  • Flexible service plans
  • Download FreeZone allowing you to download important updates without eating in to your data allowance
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